Over the course of the autumn season, Helsinki residents submitted almost 1,500 ideas to City’s participatory budgeting service OmaStadi. The City has now screened the ideas for joint development based on the OmaStadi criteria. Next, the ideas will be developed into voteable proposals through Raksa workshops and the OmaStadi website.

The second round of Helsinki’s participatory budgeting was started in the autumn of 2020. It provided local residents with the opportunity to present ideas on how the City should spend an appropriation of 8.8 million euros. A large number of ideas were submitted, and their preliminary review is now complete. The most popular themes were sports and outdoor recreation, parks and nature, built environment and communality.

The City has evaluated all ideas based on the OmaStadi criteria. The ideas must be such that the City has the power to implement them, and they must fit the budget specified for each respective area. Of the 1,463 ideas submitted, 1150 were selected for joint development and 312 were found to conflict with the OmaStadi criteria.

“The OmaStadi criteria state that the ideas must be within the powers of the City to implement. Many of the ideas pertain to areas that are not owned by the City, which is why they are not feasible It may also be difficult for city residents to imagine how much things cost. For example, the construction of an underpass would exceed the regional budget allocated to OmaStadi. There were also some ideas that the City already plans to realise in the coming years,” says Project Manager Sini Tiainen of the Urban Environment Division.

Alueraksa workshops to kick off joint development

During the spring season 11.1.–30.4.2021, the ideas will be jointly developed into voteable proposals. The proposals are prepared jointly by residents and City experts through Raksa workshops and the Omastadi website. 

The first Alueraksa workshops will be held in January. The aim of the workshops is to open proposals on the OmaStadi website, discuss them with other residents who submitted ideas and combine similar ideas together. All residents who submitted ideas that were selected for further development in the area are invited to join the workshops. Other local residents who are interested in joint development are also welcome. The workshops will be held online, and you can register for them now through the OmaStadi website.

Proposals can be opened on the website between 11.1. and 28.2.2021. Participation in an Alueraksa workshop is not required, as proposals can also be submitted through the OmaStadi website. That being said, the workshops provide the opportunity to meet other locals interested in regional development and work with them to develop ideas into feasible proposals.

“You should especially participate in a workshop when multiple ideas similar to yours have been submitted for the area. In the workshops, we will combine similar ideas together, work with City experts to iron out any issues and prepare individual polished ideas for the vote. During the first round, suggestions that were too similar did not fare well in the vote. Combined together, they would have accumulated the requisite number of votes and passed,” explains Outi Rissanen, borough liaison for the north-eastern district.

Once the Alueraksa workshops are complete, the development will continue on the OmaStadi website, in smaller working groups and at the theme workshops to be held in March. In addition to those who submitted the ideas, the theme workshops will be attended by City experts. The aim of the theme workshops is to finalise the proposals before cost assessment and voting. The proposals can be edited on the OmaStadi website until 30.4.2021.

Schedule for the Alueraksa events

Eastern major district 25.1.2021, 17:30–19:30

South-eastern major district 26.1.2021, 17:30–19:30
Southern major district 27.1.2021, 17:30–19:30
Entire Helsinki 28.1.2021, 17:30–19:30
Northern major district 1.2.2021, 17:30–19:30
Central major district 2.2.2021, 17:30–19:30
Western major district 3.2.2021 17:30–19:30
North-eastern major district 4.2.2021, 17:30–19:30

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Photo: KMG, City of Helsinki.


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